Floating Social Media Icons


This plugin will enable floating social media icons on your website.

The action of the plugin is based on Squarespace Social Links block and the only requirement is to place Social Links Block somewhere on the page.

This a copy-paste implementation for all templates with available configuration and default parameters set for you.

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Following items are included with the delivery:

  • Setup instructions.
  • Code Injection compatible with all templates.
  • License eligible for one Squarespace website.


  • float right or left side of the page
  • indentation amount – how far the icons will be positioned from the page edge
  • top value defines the distance from top
  • mobile – enable or disable floating social media icons on mobile


  • Squarespace Social Links block placed in the footer or prefooter on the page.
  • If you want to enable floating social links and social media links in the footer at the same time – create two Squarespace Social Links block: first will be modified to floating icons, second will remain on the page.


Only floating effect will be applied to the Social Media Links. This implementation keeps your initial Social Links style, including color, form and fill. 

This plugin will not work on Cover pages. 


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