Digital frame — focus headings

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This plugin creates a digital frame around heading links.

Works great on landing page as bold navigation selector.

This a copy-paste implementation for all templates.

Color, size and position of the digital frame can be easily tweaked in configuration.

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Copy-paste implementation for all templates.

Following items are included with the delivery:

  • Setup instructions.
  • Code Injection compatible with all templates.
  • License eligible for one Squarespace website.


  • digital frame color – color for the active heading link frame
  • size – size of the square elements composing digital frame,  if no size provided, default size, proportional to heading links elements, will be applied.
  • positions – top/bottom and left/right position  of the square elements composing digital frame


  • Heading links located on the page (Elements must be Squarespace Headings (Heading 1 – Heading 3) and links at the same time.)


This implementation keeps your initial website styles for headings and text, such as font size, colors and font family.

This plugin is not intended for Cover pages. 


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