Frequently asked questions

Can I use your plugins without programming?

Yes, our plugins are designed for non-programmer users, so you don’t need to know how to code. Self-setup plugins are copy-paste solutions to be inserted inside Squarespace Code Injections.

Detailed instructions come with every plugin. Some of Self-setup plugins will need content insertion. We provide user friendly textual interface to do that.

Most of our plugins have configuration options, such as colors, sizes and mobile functionality enabled. It is easy to configure them, plus for beginner users default options are enabled.

What is the difference between Self-setup and Pro-setup?

Self-setup are beginner friendly plugins. They are copy-paste solutions to be inserted into Squarespace Code Injections. They are built on Squarespace html blocks and work with templates. (See further compatibility in plugins descriptions).

Pro-setup are plugins that can not be installed via copy-paste, thus they need to be installed by our professionals. We will work on you particular website and tailor the code for you. Most deliveries can be sone within 48hrs.

Do I need to share my Squarespace login and password with your team?

We never ask for your Squarespace login and password details. Instead, for Pro-setup plugins we will need a contributor invitation to your Squarespace website.

To let us do the changes on your website please follow the steps:

  1. Login to your Squarespace account.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Permissions.
  3. Click Invite Contributor. Choose Administrator permissions. (other permissions will not work for code injections).
  4. Please send an invitation to this email:

Here are the video instructions:

What are the Pros and Cons of Squarespace Developer mode

The Squarespace Developer Platform gives complete access to the underlying code of your site’s template.

Squarespace Developer Platform offers a great range of possibilities for your website customization, such as adding additional navigation menus, altering the template layout and adding more tweaks to Style Editor.

We require toggling to Squarespace Developer mode for some plugins implementation (with the tag #developer-mode). An example is a popular plugin – “Squarespace multi language website”.  We need Developer mode to add additional menus and to alter website layout to be compatible with multiple language structure and toggling in this case.

Here is an official Squarespace Developer Platform FAQ.

Below is Squarespace warning about Developer Mode:

Switching to Developer Mode will replace your current template with an editable developer template. …In addition, your template will no longer receive updates or bug fixes added by our team.

After toggling to Developer mode your graphical user interface we remain in place. You will be making changes and adding content easily like always. Squarespace Developer Mode can be disabled at any time. All our demo Squarespace websites run in Developer mode.

How to upload images to Squarespace
  1. To upload .png or .jpg images please follow Step 3 in the official Squarespace tutorial.
  2. To grab URLs of the uploaded images and use them in our plugins:
    1. Place the cursor on an empty area inside Squarespace Editor window.
    2. Click Manage Custom Files pane in Squarespace CSS Editor window.
    3. Select the file that you want to use and click on it.
    4. The link will appear in CSS Editior window, where your cursor was placed. Copy the link without “http:” or “https:” part. That means starting with “//”.
    5. Paste the link in the plugin configuration.
    6. Delete the link from you Squarespace CSS Editor window. Next you can click Save or Cancel and leave CSS Editor window.

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